Horse racing is an integral part of American culture, bringing community, excitement, and a lifetime of memories to generation after generation. In the racing industry, we believe that even the deepest traditions need to change over time—and that the most powerful traditions are those that adapt. So we’ve come together to implement a set of major reforms that will improve the safety of horse racing for generations to come.

We love this sport. We’re passionate about its heritage. And we’re committed to the well-being of everyone in it, above all its athletes—both horses and jockeys.

Our coalition is pushing for a new, comprehensive, and centralized set of standards. Addressing our industry’s safety challenges requires concrete action—with medical and operational reforms, including enhanced transparency, and improved information sharing. And more must be done. This is just the start.


Ensure the well-being of horses and jockeys

Increase accountability

Promote a culture of safety in our sport

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The Thoroughbred Safety Coalition is composed of organizations that have individually led the horse racing industry in modernizing the sport. We have come together to use our combined resolve, expertise, and resources to promote enhanced safety measures across the industry as a whole.

We invite like-minded organizations and individuals to join our coalition in support of the sport. Please reach out directly to info@thoroughbredsafetycoalition.com and sign up for updates.