Keeping Ourselves Accountable


How we’re tracking our progress on implementing vital equine-safety reforms

With the COVID-19 pandemic at the top of everyone’s mind, our Coalition members have rallied to support the racing community and anyone whose health, family and employment have been affected by the virus. We take our responsibility to help those in need seriously, but we can’t pause our efforts to make racing a safer sport. 

One of our founding missions is to increase transparency in order to strengthen accountability across the racing industry, which in turn bolsters Thoroughbred safety. In an important step towards reaching that goal, we are excited to launch the Thoroughbred Safety Coalition Accountability Tracker, a new online tool that details the status of our efforts to advocate for and implement a uniform series of increased medication restrictions, enhanced reporting requirements, and other operational safety and integrity protocols. 

Our reform platform, which will continue to expand as new reforms are developed, is designed to ensure that our athletes are racing under the safest and most transparent conditions possible. The tracker lists reforms in two categories: track-level, which are implemented by Coalition tracks and their respective state racing commissions, and Coalition-level, which are implemented through Coalition-wide efforts.

We invite you to explore the Accountability Tracker to see how the major Thoroughbred racetracks that operate 85% of graded stakes races in the U.S. are strengthening the sport’s culture of safety as their implementation efforts progress and learn how these reforms make our make our sport safer for our athletes. 

Each track operates in a distinctive geographic and regulatory environment, but the goal remains the same across the board: Putting safety first. Every horse, every race, every time.